• 10x Army:

    The future customer company

    We believe in the power of 10x. The need for brands to create products and services that are ten times better than the competition. That is the way to meet customer expectations in an increasingly digital world.


    We are putting together a whole army to make this happen. An army of product engineers, software writers, product designers, manufacturers and distributors.


    We believe in this opportunity so much that we spend 50% of our time developing our own products and services and 50% helping others with theirs.


    If you want to know more, then we will demystify such technologies as virtual reality, wearable tech, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence , give you the building blocks for your own strategy and help you build, market and distribute your products and services too.


    We'd love to chat with you over a coffee.

  • Digital Transformation

    Be the change and the disruptor by signing up to one of our courses.

    Be a digital disruptor

    Online course

    This course is your guide to disrupt your business, your life and the world through the major emerging technology trends.

    See course details here

    Code your own chatbot in a day

    Creating is believing

    An accelerated learning experience that in one day takes your team from being a bit scared of new technologies to creating a chatbot of their very own to take home with them.

    Let's chat about it.

  • What we do

    Consultancy and Training

    Technologies such as  virtual reality, wearable tech, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence  are new and evolving fast. We demystify the opportunity and help you form a strategy to meet and exceed customer expectations. This includes considering building your own technology or adopting someone else's. If you're wondering about the market opportunity, we can help with market sizing. We also provide effective manufacture, marketing and distribution advice. We run a variety of immersive education sessions on wearable tech, virtual reality and IoT. 



    Contact us to find out more.

    Building Products

     Technologies such as virtual reality, wearable technology, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence can involve both hardware and software. This makes it more complicated, but your potential competitive advantage much greater. We can design physical products, write software and manufacture products. We are building our own products as well as those for clients, such as the 10x Spex and chatbots. Contact us to find out how they could help your business.


    Contact us to find out more.

    Running an Army

    We are amassing an army of product engineers, software writers, product designers, manufacturers, marketers and distributors. So whatever the need, in whichever market, we will match the right resource to the challenge and make sure we win the battle and the war.


    Enlist here and help us deliver awesome Virtual Reality, Wearable Tech,  Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence products.

  • Reports

    We publish reports on the latest technologies as well as providing presentations, workshops and consultancy. The following reports on technology are available via ClickZ and Econsultancy. If you would like to know more about the main findings, then please contact us.

    Artificial intelligence is able to bring together disparate data, platforms and technology to deliver against the ever-rising customer expectations. Consequently, marketers must continue to adapt. Indeed, they will need to adapt their jobs as all roles will be impacted by artificial intelligence, from creative directors to CMOs to advertising executives.


    This is not the stuff of Hollywood films where menacing robots drive out humans, but the practical stuff of task-based artificial intelligence: narrowly focused powerful capabilities that artificial intelligence offers to marketers right now.


    To thrive and survive in the AI revolution, marketers should engage with AI and not avoid it.


    The Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence report aims to demystify what AI is now and could be in the future, explaining why its adoption is driven by customer behaviour and why you should be thinking about artificial intelligence now.


    The report also includes suggestions about how marketers can begin to engage with AI to gain a better understanding of its impact.


    By Martin Talks Available via Econsultancy.

    How digital technology and neuroscience can be used to create more customer-centric organisations. Welcome to the matrix and beyond.


    The traditional purchase funnel is no longer an adequate model for marketers, with customer behavior becoming less linear and predictable. This research introduces the Customer Journey Matrix as a tool for planning marketing activities and thinking about how emerging technology can be successfully harnessed by retailers.

    In this report, we also consider how findings from the fields of behavioral economics and neuroscience can inform how digital marketers can optimize the customer journey.


    The report sections include the following:

    • How customer decision journeys have been looked at in the past
    • Changes to the customer journey brought about by digital
    • New technologies that could further disrupt how brands interact with customers
    • The psychology of decision making
    • New strategies for the retail environment where physical and virtual realities blur

    Examples and case studies throughout.

    By Martin Talks. Available via ClickZ.

    This report will demystify the world of artificial intelligence and give you practical information on how AI can be used in marketing now and in the future.


    A comprehensive report on AI and how it can be used in marketing.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly establishing itself as a field of great potential value to business and marketers.


    This 34-page report spells out how marketers can benefit from developments in AI, while helping you to develop your point of view on this fascinating subject.


    Report author Martin Talks, an expert in digital transformation and emerging technology, demystifies what is actually meant by artificial intelligence, and how organisations across different sectors can start to approach different use cases.

    What you will learn from the report:

    • A short history of AI
    • AI predictions
    • Why all the excitement about artificial intelligence now?
    • Barriers to adoption
    • AI solutions for marketing
    • How to approach AI
    • Implications for marketers

    Examples and case studies throughout.

    By Martin Talks. Available via ClickZ.

    This report will demystify the world of virtual reality and explain how it can form part of your marketing ecosystem.

    The boundaries between what we have known as ‘reality’ and ‘virtual reality’ are rapidly collapsing. An experience online is as meaningful to many as an experience in the physical world. And both can interact with each other.

    Virtual reality allows people to experience a brand’s offering in a real and visceral way that other media cannot equal. It can transport people to a stadium, a holiday destination or a shop. It can do this with animation or real video. It can even do this in real-time with live streaming. The possibilities for selling experiences, educating and entertainment are endless.


    Examples and case studies throughout.

    By Martin Talks @ 10x Army. Available via Econsultancy. 


    This report will demystify the world of wearable technology, give you an overview of the current state of wearables in key markets and explain how your company can succeed in the wearable space.


    It will explain wearables’ part of the trend towards ubiquitous computing, including how it relates to mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data. Above all it will reveal the formula for success in an increasingly wearable world.


    Examples and case studies throughout.


    By Martin Talks @ 10x Army. Available via Econsultancy.


    This report will demystify the world of the Internet of Things in a way that marcoms professionals and the C-Suite will find accessible, useful and relevant.


    It will explain IoT's part of the trend towards ubiquitous computing, including how it relates to mobile, wearables, cloud computing and big data. Above all it will reveal the formula for success in an increasingly connected world.


    Examples and case studies throughout.


    By Martin Talks @ 10x Army. Available via Econsultancy.

  • Clients

    The nature of much of our work means we can't talk about much of it. But here are some sample projects:


    Virtual reality

    We enabled students and their parents, whilst still being in China, to walk around Student.com's accommodation in London. We did this through the power of virtual reality and gave away branded 10x Spex VR viewers at student fairs in China to make this happen. The results were very exciting with multiple activations of the VR app per VR viewer.


    Digital transformation in healthcare

    Mundipharma is interested in healthcare beyond the pill. We looked at the use of wearable technology in key sectors of interest and explored the future of healthcare.


    Regulation in a digital world

    Helping Camelot and the Gambling Commission work together to tackle the challenges to regulation caused by rapid changes  in customer adoption of technology and expectations of customer experience.


    Virtual reality, wearable technology and the Internet of Things

    Making presentations, leading workshops, providing consultancy and writing reports on Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality.


    Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Retail Customer Journey

    Making presentations, leading workshops, providing consultancy and writing reports on Marketer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Retail Customer Journey.

  • Meet the team

    Martin Talks

    Martin is co-founder of 10xArmy a wearable tech company. He founded the digital agency Blue Barracuda and was former Global Digital Lead for the Draftfcb Group. As Board Adviser to the Institute of Decision Making, he explored the use of EEGs and MRI to understand what makes us do the things we do.


    Favourite wearable: the EPOC Emotiv brain computer interface technology.

    Graham England

    Graham is co-founder of 10xArmy and Design Director. He is an experienced wearable technology product designer and has been part of the teams behind the Oculus Rift and the EA Active 2 heart rate monitor for use with Xbox, PlayStation and Wii consoles.


    Favourite wearable: Oculus Rift of course.

    Theo Stanton

    Lead Engineer at 10xArmy, Theo has a BEng in Electrical Engineering and will make sure your crazy idea actually works as hardware and software.


    Favourite wearable: a new and exciting wearable that I am building right now.

    The Army

    We are amassing an army of product engineers, software writers, product designers, manufacturers and distributors. So whatever your need, in whichever market, we will match the right resource to the challenge and make sure we win the battle and the war.

  • Contact us

    We'd love to hear from you whether you'd like to work with us or for us.

  • Social

    We'll be sharing information on wearable technology.



  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality has finally arrived and even if you haven't got an Oculus Rift you can experience its power with a cardboard viewer like the 10x Spex. From diving deep underwater to fighting zombies, riding on a roller coaster or exploring the Tuscan countryside, there are experiences for everyone to enjoy and be amazed by. We can even create your own branded experiences with animated experiences or real life video. Here are a few of our favourite apps out there at the moment.

    The Hobbit VR experience (Android)

    Step inside the Shire in this immersive, 360-degree, cinematic VR Experience celebrating Director Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies."

    360 Heros - Drag racing and more (iPhone)

    Experience real video in a 360 degree VR environment with the 360 Heros Video Library. Includes an option to view the video in the 10x Spex environment. Just tap on the viewer logo when start a video.

    Paul McCartney (Android)

    Experience musical legend and visionary Sir Paul McCartney performing "Live and Let Die" in 360 degrees, with stereo 3D and immersive audio in a cinematic VR experience. Good use of real video.

    Easy to use and great fun. Take a ride on a roller coaster in Dubai. Don't forget to look all around and, if you add a strap to your 10x Spex, throw your hands in the air!

    Easy to use and great fun. Take a ride on a roller coaster in Dubai. Don't forget to look all around and, if you add a strap to your 10x Spex, throw your hands in the air!

    The Height (iPhone)

    The height is an interactive exploration game you can navigate around. You start moving by looking down and aligning the reticle with the little image. Then you'll auto walk and control your direction with your head. Took us a couple of minutes to realise.

    Tuscany (Android)

    Explore beautiful Tuscany. You can look on the ground to activate or deactivate the auto-walk.

    Morente (iPhone)

    Go on the hunt for virtual Ferruginous Ducks.

    Change your view direction to move the head, as if you were to look around - and fix it with the crosshairs marsh ducks to shoot. If you can’t see the cross hairs, then turn your phone the other way up.

    Underwater (Android)

    Submerge yourself in an ocean of sea creatures. You never know what you might see.

    Dive Zombie (iPhone)

    Shoot zombies before they get you. Put it in Dive Play mode. The gun is a bit awkward to aim, but you get the hang of it.

    VR Cinema (Android)

    It’s like being in a huge iMax theatre


    Experience a breath-taking view of the planet Refugio. You are on a Viewpoint station in deep space. Relax and enjoy the view. Look down to move forward.


    Shadowgun (Android)

    Some great graphics to appreciate. No shooting in the demo, but a great immersive experience.

    Want more? Then try VR Codex

    There are lots of VR experiences for iPhone and Android listed on this site.

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